Award in Up-Styles (Create a Theme)

Individual Unit Awards

If you are interested in shorter courses but specific to one particular area in hairdressing, then this is the choice for you. The Individual Units can be taken as an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification Certification in City & Guilds) or can be taken alone, just as a learning & training experience. 

LV2 Course Description

The Level 2 Award in Up-Styles (Create a Theme) is based on various basic  techniques used to create up styles; such as back combing, pining and gripping, securing the hair, braiding, curls using straightener and curling tongs, rollers, setting, use of extensions to enhance the up style look and much more. This will prepare learner for what is takes to present their model for a Hair Show/ Cat Walk. This fun and exciting course will enable learner to get self confidence whilst experiencing an audience viewing their creation on their model presented for a ''Theme''.

Assessment in practical & audience observations (Hair-Show - 'Create a Theme'), including a knowledge and understanding on-line test.

This unit also needs to undergo the Health & Saftey Theory Knowledge and an on-line test.

Learner is required to produce models both for practice and examinations.

LV3 Course Description

This Award is an advanced creative Up-Style course gives plenty of one to one tuition which encourages a steep learning curve. Learners can be assured of returning to their normal working environment with the confidence and competence to be able to offer clients an amazing Up-Style service.

Assessment in practical & audience observations (Hair-Show - 'Create a Theme'), including a knowledge and understanding on-line test. This Unit needs to be combined with Health & Saftey for Certification

Learner is also required to produce models for both practical lessons and examinations. 


LV2: No previous hairdressing experience required.
LV3: Students must posses LV2 Award in Cutting Women's  Hair.


Your own equipment is needed for this course. Tools needed: Mannequin & Clamp, Hair Dryer, Styling Brushes, Scissors, Ceramic Irons/Tongs, Styling Combs & Sectioning clips. Should you choose to purchase your tool kit from our salon, you can do so at special student prices.


This course is offered in 2 locations:
JIGAMI Mellieha & JIGAMI SkyParks Business Centre Luqa.


Our courses are constantly ongoing. Once you decide to enrol for this course, contact us through our courses booking form and we will get back to you with the soonest available slot.


Deposit: LV2: To book your place you need to apply a deposit (non-refundable) of €200, this covers a portion towards your registration  and will confirm your attendance. LV3: €250 Deposit.

Duration of Course:  Lessons are held once per week for an average of 2-4 hours for a duration of 15 Weeks.

Monthly Payments: We allow students to pay for this course on a monthly basis. Cost is of €200 per month for the duration of 4 months. This fee includes all Practical & Theory lessons, Notes & Resources, On-Line videos and Lectures (viewed in the comfort of your home), Products used in salon & City & Guilds Award Certification. For Lv2 Award an additional €200 needs to be applied for certification, For LV3 Award an additional €250 needs to be paid upon certification.

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