LV2 Diploma in Men’s & Women’s Hairdressing

Units Include:

201 - Working in the Hair Industry
202-Health & Saftey
203-Consultation Services
204-Shampooing & Conditioning
205-Promote Products & Services
206-Cut Women's Hair
207-Colour & Lighten Hair
209-Style & Dress Hair
210-Cut Men's Hair
212-HairShow (Create a theme)


No previous hairdressing experience required.


Personal set of Tools are not included. You may purchase them from our academy at a discounted rate of €270 which include: Mannequin & Clamp, Hair Dryer, Styling Brushes, Scissors, Styling Combs & Sectioning clips, Clippers & Trimmers


This course is offered in 2 locations
JIGAMI Mellieha & JIGAMI SkyParks Business Centre Luqa.


Our courses are constantly ongoing. Once you decide to enrol for this course, send us an e-mail to  [email protected]  and we will get back to you with the soonest available slot.


Deposit: To book your place you need to apply a deposit (non-refundable) of €200, this covers a portion towards your registration and equipment and will confirm your attendance.

Duration of Course: Lessons are held once per week for an average of 2-4 hours each lesson for the duration of an average of  18 Months,  depending on each individual's experience duration may be more or less. (should one take less time to complete all criteria the cost of course remains the same. The aim is that each candidate gains the knowledge and skills needed to obtain the Diploma)  Lessons are based on Theory and Practical lessons. Holidays are included during the 18month period.

Monthly Payments: We allow students to pay for this course on a monthly basis. Cost is of €200 per month for the duration of 18 months & €200 for certificate, upon full successful on all units achieved. Should the candidate need to add additional lessons to complete any tasks required an additional fee per lesson of  €50 will need to be added, upon availability. Fees includes all Practical & Theory lessons, Notes & Resources, On-Line videos and Lectures (viewed in the comfort of your home) and products/resources used in salon. All units need to be achieved to gain Full Diploma.

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