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Prices below may vary according to each individual’s hair texture, density, length & style. 

For a personalised quote please feel free to book in your free consultation with one of our professionals

Women’s cut from

Refresh your hair with a trim or a complete change. Help your hair to grow faster and stronger by trimming those split ends every 8 weeks.

Women's blow dry

Our blow-dry menu offers endless looks from glossy and sleek through to volumised and tousled, perfect for any occasion or just because!

Women's cut & blow dry

Get the full works! Start off your week in style

Men's cut

Our team of talented stylists interpret the latest trends to suit your individual style.

Men's cut & Style

Fresh, on-trend looks linked closely to suit your personalised look. Complemented by our range of REF products to recreate the look at home.


From classic up dos to boho down dos, we will create the perfect Up-Style for you to suit your occasion.



Prices below may vary according to each individual’s hair texture, density, length & style. 

For a personalised quote please feel free to book in your free consultation with one of our professionals

Tint Re-Growth

Using our amazing REF Permanent colours to re-touch any areas where your natural colour/white hairs have begun to grow through.

Roots & Ends

This is a great technique used in combination to your roots, adding a natural gloss colour to the mid & length of your hair whilst giving a luxurious shine and refresh to your existing colour.

Full head colour

Get that look by having a new colour applied all over the head from roots to tips, whilst adding shine to your hair.

High Lights t-Section & Natural Gloss

Including Proplex treatment. Amazing High Lightening technique covering partial sections of the head by adding dimension and movement to any base colour. Why not add a little colour to your life?

High Lights Full head & natural gloss

Including Proplex Treatment. Having a full Head of High Lights helps to create texture and movement to your hairstyle. A good way of blending natural colour with multiple depths and tones, encourages a more subtle regrowth.

Roots lifter & proplex

Includes Natural Gloss. Go all the way! This technique is perfect for when you want to make a strong, bold statement.

Natural gloss

This is a nice, quick and easy way to freshen up your hair with a simple tone and depth whilst giving your hair an intense shine.

Ombre/balayage & Natural Gloss

Includes Proplex Treatment. This is a freehand technique for highlighting hair in which the colour is painted on to create a graduated, blended effect This is a low maintenance colour service as the regrowth lines are softer and less noticeable This technique is extremely versatile as you can achieve as soft or as bold an effect as you would like.

colour correction

Are you unhappy with your current hair colour? Do you need a correction to your hair or even a reversal colour? Then worry no further! Book in your free consultation with one of our experts and we will create the service for you.

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colour remover

If you need to remove a fresh colour or even simply want to hit a re-start button to your hair, this is the service for you!



Proplex treatment

REF ProPlex is an essential tool for hairdressers. It adds elasticity, strength, enhanced condition and suppleness to the bleached or coloured result. Through its cutting edge technology, ProPlex is a scientifically developed, hybrid cocktail that acts as a barrier; protecting the internal structure of the hair and preventing damage.

Keratin smoothing treatment

At Jigami Hairdressing we offer a keratin based treatment designed to tame unruly hair whilst dramatically improving its health, condition and shine.

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hair mask

Our hair mask treatments include a relaxing head massage whilst releasing feel good hormones that improve your wellbeing.

scalp treatment

Treat your scalp blood circulation, with our Bio System products which contain antiseptic plant extracts, salicylic acid and menthol to soothe the scalp, refresh and regulate scalp sebum secretion. Regular use creates conditions for healthy hair growth.

Proplex with colour

Upgrade your colour service whilst insuring your hair, just by adding the Proplex treatment to your colour.

botox treatment

Hair Botox is actually a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with a filler, such as keratin. The treatment fills in any broken or thin areas on each hair strand to make hair appear more full and lustrous.

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